Sweet Words from Happy Clients

I am honored to have served these wonderful clients and students!

It was fun every step of the way!

"What I loved about this course is that Jackie is self-taught and is so passionate about what she does. It was great taking the class with others and seeing various style preferences throughout."

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Sarah S., An Inviting Home
Lindsey B., Define Your Style Alumn

“I had a wonderful time taking the Define your Style Class. Through Jackie’s lessons I was able to hone my style and finally give it a name, Worldly Modern. I have been excited to use my new found skills as I choose items for my home and come to realize what will really work and what I really just appreciate. Thanks for the great class!”

Rebecca L., Define Your Style Alumn

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Define Your Style course. It really helped me narrow down my style and one of my biggest aha moments was realizing there were things I liked and appreciated but did not necessarily want for my own home. It also gave me great tools to combine my husbands style with mine easily. ”

Jackie, I am so glad I took this course! Thank you so much for sharing your obvious gift, and not only that, but resources too!

You are so encouraging and enthusiastic. I'd love to take another course for you in the future!

Melissa L., Define Your Style Alumn

Love My Mood Board

“I absolutely love my mood board. It is amazing! You have provided everything I need to make my room complete and I can’t wait to get started.”

- Amy B., Design Client

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I am absolutely swooning!! Can't wait to get moving on this. Thanks so much. Oh yes, and the colors. You are a genius with color. Love them all!

- Julie C., Design Client

You have restored my confidence to "go forth and decorate."

"Thank you, thank you for following your dream. The Define Your Style class is just what I needed and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The exercises you took us through were enlightening. As a mom working from home with three kids I wondered if this would be do-able. It certainly was and very worth my time and money!! One of the biggest aha moments for me was the distinction between appreciation and like. Armed with that knowledge, as well as a short personal description of my style, you have restored my confidence to “go forth and decorate.” Thank you!!!"

- Terri A., Define Your Style Alumn

...it just speaks to my soul!

“I am so thankful that we decided to pay the money and use your services, as it has been life altering (ok, maybe a little dramatic) as we implement your moodboards throughout our house. A home is who you share it with, but surrounding yourself with beautiful and fun (and useful) things that make you happy just creates a different atmosphere. I almost cried when I saw the Glam Gems mood board, as it just speaks to my soul! And when we painted the stripes in the main bathroom and saw how it looked and had come together I praised Teal & Lime!!:) I feel like I want everything in my life to be a reflection of how I feel in our creative furnishings and have started making my kids’ lunches more appealing(sandwich shapes, ect) and have gone through old boxes of memorabilia and organized and beautified their boxes!! All thanks to you! And, even my kids subtly notice how they feel in certain rooms and really love all the fun details (like the pom pom rug in the playroom-”mommy! It’s like going into fairyland!!”) I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again-you truly have a gift. So glad you are sharing it with others!”


“I have never been so excited in my life! I think that you have completely changed the way I will view my house! I am so unbelievably thrilled! You blew my expectations out of the water! Thank you, thank you, thank you. WOW! WOW! WOW!”

-Staci F., Design Client

Helped Me Feel More Confident

“I LOVED the Define Your Style course. One of the things I most needed (though I didn’t know it!) and appreciated you covering was recognizing the things I love versus appreciate. I can appreciate good workmanship and beautiful items, but I had trouble before recognizing that my appreciation does not automatically mean that the item is a good fit for my style. The course helped me feel more confident in choosing items for my home and not just looking for a good deal, or buying something with the mindset that “somehow I can make this work”.  Thanks for offering such a great course! I fully intend to refer back to the materials in the future anytime I need a reference guide. It’s so appreciated!”

- Erin R., Define Your Style Alumn

The result? ... style confidence!

"With small group sizes, personal comments and helpful tips on issues not normally covered in other courses (e.g. combining styles, transitioning style and personalising your style), Jackie challenges you to be critical and examine your own tastes and assists you with crystallising your own personal style. The result? The style confidence and tools to make your home truly reflects its occupants.”

- Rachael M., Define Your Style Alumn


'These are perfect!!! I'm sitting in my dining room now, and can see exactly how it's all going to come together. I love the idea of the shoe holder - I can already see stashing my computer and cords and magazines in there. Just booked a shopping trip to IKEA with my sister-in-law for tonight :)'

- Bonnie M., Design Client

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Happy Camper

Wow!!! I. LOVE. IT. I'm a happy camper. I love your DIY ideas and plan to do them all. I am thrilled to get busy on my room and your mood board has really taken the painful part of trying to find things away. You have a real gift. I appreciate the work you have put into this, as I'm sure your fee barely compensates your time.

- Natalie W, Design Client

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