Revealed: Tried-and-true decorating tricks the designers don't want you to know.

Learn the secret science behind the art of decorating so you can create a home that reflects you, even if you're not creative.

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I wanted to make my home a space for my whole family to relax and enjoy, but each time I would start decorating, I never liked what I chose - everything seemed disconnected.  When I started taking classes with Jackie, she explained things in a way that I could understand and taught me how to choose what's best for me and my family.  Now I have confidence with decorating and I'm so excited about transforming my home!

Jackie Biederman
Jackie Biederman St. Paul, MN

I appreciate the systematic approach Jackie takes. The way she breaks everything down in to parts is so helpful.  Although decorating is certainly an art, there is a science aspect to it too.  Jackie's classes give those who are less “decor-minded”  the tools to really present a space well. 

Shelly Marstall
Shelly Marstall Arlington, VA

Here's a peek at everything waiting for you inside:

Start turning possibility into reality for your home!

The class on project management is a game changer!  I love the worksheets that help walk me through things step-by-step and take the guesswork out of it.

Susan Williams
Susan Williams Georgetown, TX

Before Jackie's bookshelf styling class, everything felt cluttered and off balance. Now, my shelves feel like everything is displayed on purpose instead of a giant catch all!

Danielle Holtzinger
Danielle Holtzinger Seattle, Washington